Saint Procopius

Let's start from the most popular beach of our beautiful island, Agios Prokopios. Its name comes from the small church of Agios Prokopios which is built on its edge and is only 500 meters from our accommodation. You can visit it even if you are "completely unprepared", since it has sunbeds, umbrellas and various cafes and restaurants where you can get refreshing drinks or enjoy your meal by the sea. Even for lovers of water sports, Agios Prokopios beach offers facilities for surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, etc.

Saint Anna

The beach of Agia Anna is essentially the extension of the beach of Agios Prokopios and is another popular choice for visitors to the island. It is easily accessible and has a parking space. Its sandy beach is covered by cedars, a rare tree of the area that offers shade to its visitors. Also, in the harbor you will see many rickety fishing boats where you can enjoy your meal with fresh fish or whatever else takes your fancy. Of course, this beach is also organized for everything you need. Finally, for those of you who want more peace and privacy, don't hesitate to go towards the small creeks that form right next to the church of Agios Prokopios.


If you continue on an easy dirt road 4 km. after the beach of Agia Anna, you will meet the beautiful Plaka with its endless golden sand and crystal clear waters. Plaka was one of the favorite beaches of the hippies or Flower Children during the period 1960-1970. Today, the beach maintains its character, keeping alive the memory of the era, being also a nudist beach. Its characteristics are the deeper and colder waters compared to the rest of the beaches of the island. It also has organized spots, but you can also enjoy the shade of the cedars in case you don't want to sit on deckchairs.

Mikri Vigla and Parthenos Beach

On the south side of the island, you will discover Mikri Vigla. There, a large imposing rock divides the beach into two parts, Parthenos to the north and Limanaki to the south. Each of these places has its own character, with one offering organized services and the other providing a more free experience. The waters here are quite shallow, while the picturesque rocks add a unique aesthetic to the landscape. Also, in Mikri Vigla there is often wind, making the golden sands a meeting place for windsurfing and kitesurfing friends from all over the world.


Behind the peninsula of Mikri Vigla hides one of the hidden beauties of the island, Kastraki beach, also known as Sahara because of its long length (3 km). This beach is a peaceful bay with white, soft sand and calm, blue waters. Here, you can enjoy the sun and the sea without the hustle and bustle, as there is plenty of space to spread out your towels and relax. Finally, despite the remoteness of the area, there are a few traditional taverns that offer flavors from the island's local cuisine.

Aliko and Pyrgaki

Going even further south you will come across the paradise of Alykos (or Alikos). This small peninsula is home to small, picturesque coves and wonderful sandy beaches with waters overflowing in turquoise hues. The impressive scenery is complemented by the high rocks and the cedar forest that hugs the landscape all the way to the sea, creating a magical image. Here, amenities are few, so we advise you to bring something to drink and snacks for the beach.
Pyrgaki beach, overlooking the island of Ios, stretches out in front of the blue waters, is one of the calmest on the island. It got its name from the hill that towers over it and served as a lookout for pirates. Here, you will find the peace and relaxation you are looking for, as the atmosphere is peaceful and serene. The waters are crystal clear and deep blue, but be aware that they get a bit deep so be careful.


Agiassos beach is not organized and maintains a pristine and rare natural beauty, with shallow clear blue waters. However, it is important to know that the access is somewhat difficult, but there is a small tavern nearby, where you can get the necessary things.


At the southernmost tip of Naxos you will find Kalandos beach, a long beach with fine sand that is well protected from the north winds. What makes it special is the wetland created by the mouth of a river, which is home to a variety of bird species. In Kalando, you can also find excursion boats that organize day cruises.


A little further north is the beach of the homonymous settlement of Apollo, a beautiful fishing village, in a bay, with various tourist infrastructures. Apollonas beach is large, with many seaside tavernas. Furthermore, it is one of the most enchanting beaches on the island as its coast maintains the perfect combination of sand and pebbles. Also, very close to the entrance of the village, you will see the famous imposing statue of Kouros of Apollo, one of the attractions of our Naxos.

Lionas Beach

Lionas Beach is located in the bay of the same name on the eastern coast of Naxos and can be reached by following a downhill, winding road that starts outside Koronos. The beach has huge pebbles and crystal clear, deep water. Finally, in the small settlement near the beach you will find seaside taverns where you can enjoy traditional dishes by the sea.


On the eastern side of the island is the picturesque harbor of Moutsouna, which is the port of Apiranthou. The history of emery is linked to this area, as the aerial railway brought the precious ore from the mountains of Naxos to its port. In the area of Moutsouna, next to the harbor, there is a beach with fine sand and turquoise waters, ideal for relaxing and swimming. Finally, in the picturesque taverns of the area you can enjoy fresh fish and seafood, gazing at the magnificent view and the blue Aegean.

Psili Ammos

On the southeastern coast of Naxos, near the enchanting village of Moutsouna, Psili Ammos or Kanaki beach fascinates with its beauty. Here, the golden sandy beach, the crystal clear waters and the dense cedar forest create an absolutely idyllic landscape. Also, it is still worth exploring the beaches within the settlement of Moutsounas, where you can enjoy your meal in the tavernas of the area.


Heading towards the northwest coast of Naxos, we arrive at the stunning Abram beach, near the settlement of Kampos. This beach consists of fine sand and pebbles, while its waters are crystal clear and warm. Although the beach is exposed to the meltemia, this makes it ideal for windsurfing enthusiasts, who are looking for ideal conditions for their practice. Here, the winds and their alternation offer a unique experience to sports enthusiasts.


Ammitis beach, located near the village of Egares in the northwestern part of Naxos, is a hidden treasure of the island. Its quiet atmosphere and white sandy beach combine beautifully with the crystal clear waters, creating an ideal environment for relaxing and enjoying the sunset. If you visit, we recommend that you be careful with the sea currents.






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