Car rental

With the Explore Naxos car rental service we offer, we give you access to an extensive fleet of vehicles, ensuring comfortable travel on the island of Naxos. With our preferential rates and excellent service, we are here to help you choose the ideal car for your needs, with ease, speed and, above all, safety.


With the organized tours we recommend, you can discover the secrets and beauties of Naxos accompanied by specialized guides. From the island's cultural attractions to nature adventures and exploring hidden treasures on beaches, our tours cover every interest and preference.

Sailing & Yachting

Board a luxury yacht and enjoy the tranquility of the sea and the magnificent scenery as you cruise the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Whether it's a one-day excursion or a multi-day cruise, your sailing experience will be absolutely unforgettable.

Scuba diving

Explore the richness of the underwater world with an exciting diving experience. Specially trained instructors will guide you to safe and interesting dive sites.

Speed Boat

Rejuvenate with a speed boat ride in the blue waters of Naxos, enjoying the feeling of absolute freedom and the development of fast speed.


Indulge in the wind and waves with windsurfing, an activity that will offer you unique moments of fun and adrenaline.

Horseback riding

A horse ride will not only give you the opportunity to connect with these wonderful creatures but also give you the experience to enjoy the enchanting landscapes of the island, from a different and interesting point of view.


Accompanied by expert hiking guides, you can explore trails that lead to mysterious landscapes and hidden treasures of nature. Along the way, our guides will introduce you to the history and tradition of the island, while providing you with interesting facts and information about the rich biodiversity and natural environment of the place.


By renting a bike, you open the way to discover hidden paths that lead to secluded beaches and picturesque traditional villages of our Naxos. Let the wind blow through your hair and breathe the air of freedom on a unique adventure of exploration.

Tennis and Padel

Whether you prefer tennis in its classic form, or pop-up padel, we recommend fully equipped courts that are ready to host your competitive moments. In addition, the provision of specialized equipment and the availability of instructors will help you develop your skills and enjoy the game even more.

Cooking lessons

From the basics to the most advanced techniques, you will become familiar with creating delicious and impressive dishes. Of course in the cooking classes you will use the purest and freshest ingredients that we produce on our beautiful island. Thus, through a fun and creative process, you will develop your culinary skills and discover new recipes that will impress at the next gathering with friends.

Testing Local Products

Live a real experience of culinary discovery through tasting products of the local Naxos cuisine. Guided by experts, you will be taken on a journey of flavors and aromas that emerge from the kitchens of the locals and are passed down from generation to generation like a precious talisman.

Island Tour (with private tour option)

Accompanied by expert guides who know well every corner of the island, you will enjoy a unique experience of touring the authentic beauty and enchanting wealth of the island of Naxos. You can even turn your tour of the island into a more private experience by choosing an exclusive private tour.






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